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    About Us

    AnAn Audio is a premium ODM/OEM manufacturer that specializes in guitar, bass and drum AMPs starting from 2011.  We are focusing on the design and manufacturing to satisfy our customer needs and we have never presented in any trade show at our brand. A solid understanding between us and our customers is let us make the instrument AMPs, you do the marketing.

    Our facilities and design staffs are of the finest quality. We have maintained a reputation for excellence based on our knowledge and experience in instrument AMPs industry. Also we help customers do outsourcing per their needs like guitars and its accessories because we have a good quality control team who works with very famous brands around the world in OEM business and we know the guitar factories in China as well.  

    Our standards to us are second to none. We are always running at customer orientation to be a full turnkey supplier in that industry for years. 

    Our focus allows us to produce instruments and AMPs that will meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding of the players with a unique playability.  

    Whether your customers are a fresh learner, teacher, independent performer or band, reseller or retail shop or you are thinking about to create your business in instrument industry etc, we are confident we can provide you with various instrument AMPs as your needs to bring your experience with us to an entirely new level. We are pursuing a long term partnership with you and grow together. 

    We do accept small orders and provide logistical service for all our customers because we understand that you have your business models in your area and you need time to know us and to develop your reachable market.
    Email: Gala.li@ananaudio.com
    Call: +86-186-766-56738
    Skype: galali1898
    Wechat: kuns2014
    Address: Tongxin Road 87#, Building A, 4/5F,Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
    Post code: 518000
    Phone: +86-755-28407377
    Fax: +86-755-28379725 
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